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Drilling Machines - Hydraulic Feed
1st Generation - Sutaible for production of 30000 to 50000 components per month.
Features under this category
  • Hydraulically Operated Economical Machines.
  • Low cost automation.
  • Rigid construction.
  • Drilling cycle (Rapid forward - feed - dwell - Rapid return).
  • Spindle drive through stepped pulley.
  • Machines also available in fabricated stand models.
  • Machines can be equiped with multi spindle heads for mass production.
Hydraulic Standard Drilling Machines
Model H-2500 H-2000
Max. Drilling Capacity Ø 25mm Ø 19mm
Spindle Taper MT3 MT3
Spindle Travel 130mm 100mm
Number of Speed 4 3
Spindle Speed (Optional) 500-1180 rpm
1380-1910 rpm
500-1180-1900 rpm
Column Diameter Ø 102mm Ø 92mm
Table Size 600*400mm 500*400mm
Max Distance from (spindle to table) 100-630mm 100-400mm
Max Dist. from (spindle to table) 930mm 600mm
Motor HP 2HP 1.5HP
Hydraulic Power 20 kg/ 20 kg/
Overall Height 2100mm 2000mm
Weight 600kg 450kg
Standard Accessories
  • Complete Hydraulic systems duly interface with the mother machine.
  • Main motor of reputed brand, duly assembled with all drive elements.
  • Comprehensive electrical control panels and operting pendant duly wired to the basic machine.
  • Intermediate Table with Rack & Pinion arrangement for lifting and lowering of Work Table.
  • Operation and maintenance manual.
Optional Accessories
  • Tool holders suitable for application.
  • Coolant system consisting of:- Reservoir tank with chip collection tray, separation baffles, electric coolant motor, flexible piping & fittings, on/off valves, splash guards etc.
  • Flexible lighting arrangement.
  • Square work table
  • Jigs & Fixtures.