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Drilling Machines - Servo - Ball Screw
2nd Generation - Sutaible for production of 75000 to 100000 components per month.
Features under this category
  • Single Axis servo control Drilling Machines, for Mild steel and Medium hard materials.
  • PLC based (Programable) Drilling Cycle to suit application.
  • Machines can also be used for Standard Drilling, Deep hole Drilling, Chamfering, Reaming, Hole milling, operations etc.
  • Machines available in horizontal as well as vertical axis.
  • Rigid Construction, Fabricated base Stress relieved and duly scrapped to achieve desired accuracies as per IS standards.
  • Spindle is firmly arrested in two P4 Class, preloaded bearings to take max axial thrust & radial loads.
  • Machines with PLCare flexible and convenient in operations to operating crew.
  • Spindle drive through timer belts and inter changeable pulley sets.
  • Electro-mechanical Spindle feed, through Ball Screw.
  • Inbuilt clamp / decamp cycle for tooling automation.
  • Machines can be equipped with variable frequency.
  • Machines can be equipped with Multi-Spindle Heads for mass production.
Ball Screw Servo Automatic Drilling Machines
Model NC-9200 NC-7200 NC-6150 NC-4150
Maximum Drilling Capacity (S45C) Ø 35mm Ø 25mm Ø 16mm Ø 6mm
Spindle Travel 130mm 180mm 130mm 100mm
Spindle Taper ER-40 / MT4 ER-32 / MT3 ER-25 / MT2 ER-16
Spindle Speed 200-1500 (Optional) 500-2000 (Optional) 833,1650,2500 3000,4000,5000
Spindle Motor HP 3HP 2HP 2HP 0.5HP
Servo Motor Power 1.5KW / 5.8 N-m 1.5KW / 5.8 N-m 750W / 2.4 N-m 400W / 1.3 N-m
Throat (Column to Spindle Centre) 260mm 230mm 230mm 180mm
Table Size 700*500mm 600*400mm 500*400mm 400*300mm
Column Diameter Box Type
Box Type 300*300mm Ø 102mm Ø 80mm
Distance From Spindle Base 100-700mm 100-700mm 100-600mm 100-400mm
Overall Height (Approx) 2500mm 2100mm 1800mm 1600mm
Weight (Approx) 1000kg 750kg 380kg 210kg
Standard Accessories
  • Electro-mechanical Systems duly interfaced with the mother machine.
  • Comprehensive electrical PLC based control panel.
  • Main spindle motor 3 phases AC induction motor of reputed brand, F Class Insulation, duly assembled on the machine with all drive arrangement.
  • Operation and maintenance manual.
  • Flexible lighting arrangement.
  • Inbuilt job counter & tool change counters.
Optional Accessories
  • Tool holders suitable for application.
  • Coolant system-complete with necessary splash guards etc.
  • Component orientation & clamping fixture as per application.
  • Variable frequency Drive for main spindle to set desired speed.
  • Machine full cladding.
  • Centralized lubrication system, if required.