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SPM Moduler - Rotary Indexing Table
KTK Machines INDIA offers unique and wide range of S.P.M. modules to S.P.M. manufacturer.
Using KTK make modules gives great comfort for machine builders because of its simple construction specifically for assemblies. This enables machine builder to construct the machine with high speed. The machine can focus his concentration towards other assemblies as such fixtures and component proving.
Features under this category
  • Modular construction for S.P. M. manufacturer
  • Modules are of wide range and has unique feature of interchangeability.
  • Modules are simple in assembly and suitable for wide range of various applications.
  • In both orientation i.e. horizontal OR vertical, the Modules can be mounted easily.
  • The raw material used for modules while manufacturing are of precise quality grade. Because of that, the modules have long life and consistence performance during operations.
  • Modules are tested under strict norms.
  • The complete dimensional drawings in 2D presentation are available.
Pneumatic Rotary Indexing Table
Model PIT-320 PIT-250 PIT-180
Table Diameter 320mm 250mm 180mm
Center location hole Diameter 100mm 80mm 50mm
Center location hole depth 5mm 4mm 5mm
Index accuracy +/-0.02mm +/-0.02mm +/-0.02mm
Index Number Standard : 4,6,8,12,24 (Optional available)
Rotary Direction Clockwise
Loaded Capacity 200kg 100kg 50kg
Air Pressure 6kg/cm2 5kg/cm2 5kg/cm2
Index Type Ratch Ratch Ratch
Overall Height 127mm 104mm 75mm
Weight 58kg 28kg 11kg
Max. Top Plate Diameter 600mm 400mm 280mm